Professional Contract Management
Access to contract management by professionals experienced in payor issues and problem resolution. We understand the unique needs and challenges present in the Texas Healthcare market and our managed care contacting network utilizes twenty-five plus years of contracting experience to our benefit. These efforts have resulted in the review and execution of numerous group agreements, inclusion of important provisions that clarify business issues, and a process for periodic review of each payor agreement for compliance with contract provisions and state and federal law.

One Source Credentialing
Most contracted payors have delegated our NCQA and TDI compliant network as their credentialing source. One process for all network payor agreements, every three years.

Empowerment and Knowledge
As part of MaCC, you have access to experienced professionals that understand today's complex healthcare market. We watch and track healthcare market trends and changes, keeping an eye on important news and information that is valuable to our members.

Managed Care Contracting Services via Messenger Model
MaCC facilitates managed care contracts using the messenger model system. As required by the Federal Trade Commission, MaCC must use the messenger model system in disseminating fee proposals, as it is a non-integrated group of facilities and physicians.

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