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The first step in implementing your ESCAPE training is a site assessment.  While you can elect to schedule training without the assessment, this component ensures you receive a program tailored to your facility to best meet your specific needs.

What is Included in a Site Assessment?

A typical assessment is a one day visit to your site.  Prior to the visit, you should assign one or more staff members to meet with the assessor.  Your staff should be familiar with your campus including the locations and purposes of all buildings, and have a good general knowledge of your operations and staffing.  Ideally, these same staff members will continue to work with the ESCAPE team throughout the assessment and training program.

The goal of the assessment is to review your current physical infrastructure, workflow, and policies and procedures.  The assessor will be looking for vulnerabilities as well as positive assets in your facilities.  Armed with this information, he will be able to make recommendations for improvements and tailor the training sessions to fit your organization.

What is being Assessed?

Physical Infrastructure – assessment of your buildings, offices, conference rooms, etc.

  • Existing security measures, such as electronic security systems, restricted access, physical barriers, security personnel, lighting and alarms.
  • Construction and layout, such as interior and exterior walls, door and window placement and type of construction, ingress and egress, and general construction materials.


  • Understanding your workflow will allow the assessor to better identify any high risk areas and make recommendations for improving security for your staff.

Policies and Procedures

  • Review any existing Active Shooter Response or related policies.
  • Review any existing procedures you have for responding to violent situations.

Once the assessment visit is completed, you will be provided a report with recommendations on training your staff and suggestions for improvements within your infrastructure, workflow, and policies

ESCAPE Training

ESCAPE training program is tailored for the unique needs of the healthcare industry

  • In conjunction with an ESCAPE assessment, training can be tailored to your facility’s specific needs
  • Live exercises get your staff involved and provide hands on training
  • Live drill allows your staff to experience how they respond to a mock situation and allows the trainer to assess their responses and make suggestions for improvement
  • Built around the core principles of the Homeland Security “Run, Hide, Fight” platform
  • Your facility's Assessor is a Law Enforcement Trainer, Certified as an Active Shooter (Train the Trainer) & CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events) Instructor
  • All instructors are Active Shooter Response trained
  • Proven track record in providing healthcare-specific training for Active Shooter and Critical Incident scenarios
  • Promotes a team concept for defense and evacuation best practices
  • Classroom training provides education on scenarios, responses, and tactics, all aimed at minimizing casualties

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